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I am one of many people who struggles with being forgetful, which makes it hard to stay focused and on task. One thing I’ve recently discovered how to do is to record all of my important thoughts, which eliminates the nagging feeling in the back of my mind.

Another way to, in a sense, clear your mind, is to basically rant to someone willing to listen, and that you trust. But this however makes it easier to forget what it is you had to do, because getting things off of your chest that need to be accomplished makes it feel like the task is complete.

So, personally, when I feel like I’ve got way too many thoughts in my head, I grab a paper and pen and just describe whatever it is I have to do and when, as well as anything that I’ve been thinking about in general.

Doing this makes it so much easier to focus on whatever you’re doing or focusing on one thing on your to-do list.

I hope this helps! Thanks for reading!