I believe one thing that is very important is balance. Balance between work and home is a major tip because it helps keep your brain refreshed and able to function.

Working more often can have benefits, I know, but working so hard that you never really get a break can be too much for your brain to handle.

I find this is especially helpful with studying and getting homework done. Sometimes it can be easy to just go ahead and knock out five things on my to-do list, but other times, I can barely stay focused for longer than five minutes.

For studying, taking breaks is essential for staying sane in many situations. While studying, its easy to become overwhelmed when you’re stuffing information into your brain. A good study schedule usually includes working for a long period of time, like 30 minutes, and taking short breaks which can usually be about five minutes.

When taking study breaks it is important not to use your breaks doing something that isn’t productive, like diving into the crazy world of social media. This is because it can be very easy to continue doing this past the time for your break to end if you’re like me and are a procrastinator. Instead over the break you could try doing something else that needs to be done that is different from what you had been doing, to give your brain a refresher while also staying very much on the subject of being productive. However, I would say the other thing you’re doing shouldn’t be too time-consuming.

If anyone else has any more study tips, feel free to leave it in the comments!