organized books

Everyone knows organization goes hand in hand with getting things done. For most people, it seems organization itself is the thing to get done. At least, this can often be the case for me.

Getting organized can be difficult, but it has huge rewards. When you have a clean desk space, it can be so much easier to focus on a task and improve your mood.

There are quite a few books and other resources that give an in-depth tutorial on how to declutter your house or workspace. They can be super helpful to even just flip through!

Organization for a workspace is very important, but organization of time is just as important. I personally think most people looking to be more organized with their schedules should use some form of planner or notebook to keep track of everything going on in a busy life.

For me, I use my bullet journal, and I just love it because it is totally flexible to suit my planner needs. I love the idea of making my own lines and boxes for any category and having absolutely everything on just one page.

Of course, a bullet journal system isn’t perfect for everyone, and planners are a good start so that you know what you are looking for.

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