I know everyone has heard this phrase a lot. It’s a very popular phrase in the motivational/inspirational department. There are many parodies of this phrase.

I’m here to tell you that it’s true. It works. It doesn’t have to be just another weird thing your grandma says.

Waking up early is not always a well-liked concept. Many people, especially night owls, simply like to sleep in. I believe this is especially popular with teenagers today, and I would know.

For me, personally, my body clock wakes me up every day around 7-8 anyway, even though I wake up at 6:30 for school. It’s nearly impossible for me to sleep in like many other teenagers. Not even on weekends! So this means that I like to go to bed by about 10pm so that I get about eight hours of sleep per night.

I’m not going to try to convince you to get up at 6:30 like me if you don’t need to get up quite that early. I’m going to politely suggest that if you don’t have anywhere to be that day until 10 am, don’t wake up at 9:30 if you are the type who can sleep in.

Waking up early provides many more opportunities than not waking up early. For example, if you wake up at, say, 8:30 am if you don’t have anywhere to be until 10 am, you have the opportunity to take your time getting ready and there is more time to be more put together. If you have work at 10 am, and you wake up late, you may arrive looking a little disheveled as a result of trying to get ready faster. If you wake up early, you can fix up your appearance and look much more professional and put-together than if you didn’t.

If you wake up early, there’s time to do a short workout plan (or if you get up really early, a long workout plan) as well as shower, eat a healthy breakfast, etc. If you’re a bullet journaling person like me, there’s time to work on your bullet journal and review the day’s tasks and events.

Also, have you ever really experienced early mornings outdoors? One of my personal favorite things is to go outside before the sun has risen, and the world is dark with a hint of light, cold and waking up. Then, of course, to see the sunrise is wonderous. The sky is painted with streaks of color, with the same hint of chill in the air.

Thank you! I hope this post helps one of you!

(Note: I am not trying to convince people to not get as much sleep as they need. If you plan to wake up early, please adjust your bedtime accordingly so that you still get enough sleep. Sleep is very important to health and well-being!)