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August Planning

Good afternoon everyone!

For me, August is looking like it will be a pretty busy month, so I decided to focus a lot more on staying organized. This month is the first month that I’m using a planner alongside my bullet journal, which I’m hoping will help keep me organized and on track with things as I start my senior year in high school!

I’ve been keeping up with my bullet journal pretty regularly since I started bullet journaling about a year and a half ago. Before I was introduced to bullet journaling, I always loved the idea of writing daily journal entries and I loved the feeling of having a planner. However, I noticed that planners I bought never really had the right blocks of space for what I wanted to write in them. I love the bullet journal system because it’s totally customizable and can be as extravagant or as minimalist as you like! (I especially love being able to switch between the two.)

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How I began Bullet Journaling

I was introduced to bullet journaling in December of 2015. I have always loved notebooks and being organized, I was just too much of a procrastinator (then and now) to do much organizing. I loved to write but I wasn’t committed enough to fill up the countless notebooks I had available to me.

So, when my older sister told me about bullet journaling, I was absolutely fascinated by the idea.

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The Early Bird Gets the Worm

I know everyone has heard this phrase a lot. It’s a very popular phrase in the motivational/inspirational department. There are many parodies of this phrase.

I’m here to tell you that it’s true. It works. It doesn’t have to be just another weird thing your grandma says.

Waking up early is not always a well-liked concept. Many people, especially night owls, simply like to sleep in. I believe this is especially popular with teenagers today, and I would know.

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I’m Back!

Over the summer, I was not very productive at all, and I was not thinking of anything to post on here.

This is just a short post to let you know I’m back with the new school year, and I’m focusing on being productive again!

Thank you!


Back to Bullet Journals

So lately, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into daily bullet journal spreads and in general making it organized and nice to look at. Though, because I’ve don’t that, I’ve sacrificed the quickness of making my spreads and some of the ability to work on it anywhere.

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The Importance of Organization

organized books

Everyone knows organization goes hand in hand with getting things done. For most people, it seems organization itself is the thing to get done. At least, this can often be the case for me.

Getting organized can be difficult, but it has huge rewards. When you have a clean desk space, it can be so much easier to focus on a task and improve your mood.

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Balance between Work and Home

I believe one thing that is very important is balance. Balance between work and home is a major tip because it helps keep your brain refreshed and able to function.

Working more often can have benefits, I know, but working so hard that you never really get a break can be too much for your brain to handle.

I find this is especially helpful with studying and getting homework done. Sometimes it can be easy to just go ahead and knock out five things on my to-do list, but other times, I can barely stay focused for longer than five minutes.

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Your Body and Happiness

As many people may know, exercise releases hormones in your body that, put simply, make you happy.

I’m here today to share with you not so much of a productivity tip, but more of a staying relaxed and happy in your everyday life sort of tip. 

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Meditation in Writing

Placeholder Image

I am one of many people who struggles with being forgetful, which makes it hard to stay focused and on task. One thing I’ve recently discovered how to do is to record all of my important thoughts, which eliminates the nagging feeling in the back of my mind.

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